Regular Bakugan

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Regular Bakugan

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 26, 2017 1:37 pm

[(Regular Bakugan can be of any attribute. They are considerably weaker than guardians as well. Special Abilities can be negated just like ability cards when used)
Bee Striker(300GS)- Bee Striker can negate 1 pyrus ability per round
Centipoid(250GS)- Can negate 1 ability card per round
El Condor(250GS)-Can change element twice per round
Hynoid(350GS)- Hynoid can activate 2 abilities for the price of one(this can only be used once per round
Laserman(350GS)- Can drop an ability’s power boost by 100Gs
Robotallion(370GS)- Can send one bakugan on the user’s side of the field away for the game to gain 200LG(Life Guage)
Falconeer(300Gs)- Subtract 200Gs from one of your bakugan on the field to gain an extra ability slot
Griffon(300GS)- Immune to basic darkus abilities
Centorrior(400Gs)- N/A
Druman(250Gs)- Can give 100Gs to all of the user’s bakugan
Fear Ripper(350Gs)- N/A
Gargonoid(300Gs)- Immune to basic Subterra abilities
Hairadee(300Gs)- Can lose one ability slot for 100LG
Juggernoid(400Gs)- N/A
Limulus(270Gs)- Can activate 2 abilities for the price of one(this can only be used once per round
Mantris(370Gs)- N/A
Manion(350Gs)- Immune to basic Aquos abilities
Monarus(400Gs)- N/A
Rabeeder(350Gs)- Can negate one ability
Rattleoid(360Gs)- Immune to basic Ventus abilities
Ravenoid(250Gs)- Gains 50Gs every turn
Saurus(350Gs)- Immune to basic Aquos abilities
Serpenoid(300Gs)- Immune to basic Haos abilities
Siege(370Gs)- Immune to basic Darkus abilities
Wormquake(250Gs)- Gain 100LG
Warius(320Gs)- Subtract 150Gs from one of your opponent’s bakugan
Stingslash(300GS)- Can gain 100Gs


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